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Our Mission

Focusing on changing customer and market needs, we offer high quality products at reasonable prices to the consumers so that they can easily reach, provide the best service of its class and establish strong partnerships with our customers. We aim to always satisfy our consumers, customers, employees and shareholders and make them happy. We develop, strengthen and empower our organization to achieve this goal. We guarantee corporate success with our employees, who have absorbed our values.

We respect the health of our employees, society and consumers, and we gain trust by acting as a company respectful to the environment. Being aware of our corporate responsibilities, we run our business within the framework of openness and honesty. We create a safe working environment that respects human rights.

Our Vision

Understanding of engineering science literature and continuously monitoring technological development in the sector, paying very much attention to AR-GE studies, transparency and trust in customer relations and understanding of being flexible in service lies behind MNK's continuous growth and development.

MNK Endüstri, which has done business for many large corporations at regional and national level so far, foresees future in the direction of being one of the large companies of the world in projects and undertakings.