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Senior management of our company Senior management of our company has determined, signed and published our quality policy, which indicates objectives of our company, guides these objectives, aims continuous development and states our commitment to quality. This policy is communicated to all our employees by trainings and it is made sure that they understand and comprehend it. We ensured that objectives and commitments are visible to our employees, customers and suppliers at all times by posting them on noticeable places in our company.

Our policy is reviewed every year in terms of its conformity, efficiency and whether it is an indicator of our goals and objectives or not. Our quality policy is a controlled document.

Our objective is to turn our company into an industrial organization that can produce goods at an internationally competitive level in terms of quality, price and efficiency, keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground and develops continuously. Our Quality Policy prepared for this purpose is as follows:

  • Meeting the demands and expectations of our customers by providing the best quality, service and price in the sectors we serve,
  • Ensuring internal customer satisfaction by acting with a customer-driven approach in each process,
  • Improving our quality constantly by training our employees and ensuring their participation,
  • Being among the leading companies in the sector by continuously increasing our market share,
  • Avoiding harmful activities by giving necessary importance to the environment.